17/18 April 2018, International Conference on Knowledge Asset Management


International Conference on Knowledge Asset Management (KAM), King’s College, Cambridge University, UK

(Early Bird information)

Once again, Knowledge Associates International are hosting and organising this conference in the Keynsian Lecture Theatre, Kings College Cambridge. Maximum capacity is 150 people, so spaces are limited.

We have chosen the Keynsian Lecture Theatre because it celebrates the work of the world reknown economist John Maynard Keynes. Our aim is to leap off the shoulders of giants, to present papers, case studies, discuss and debate the transition from industrial economics to knowledge economics, knowledge assets and the global knowledge economy.

In this conference, we will hear from global thought leaders from USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Europe and, of course, Cambridge, UK

Each of 12 sessions will contain, for each key region of the world, a leading edge paper, case study, discussion and debate.

Contact us for early bird discount and registration.

More information to follow very soon …… 



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