Many people today are suffering from information overload and cognitive overload. Many suffer from learning overload and even creativity overload. There is much stress in the workplace for many. For knowledge workers, this causes low  knowledge productivity

In today’s rapidly growing global knowledge economy and society, it is no longer good enough to tolerate mediocre ways to manage our time, tasks, information, knowledge and critical assets. It is no longer good enough to innovate in traditional and highly specialised ways.

There are now new and much better ways to more collectively and systematically work with knowledge and more relentlessly and continuously innovate. The methods, tools and techniques for effective knowledge and innovation management and high knowledge productivity are now for everyone!

There are five steps to extraordinary knowledge driven results:

1. Education and inspiration

2. Experience for yourself

3. Consulting advice and assistance (wherever needed)

4. Systems and tools

5. Training and support

1. Education and Training

The first step must be for people to understand what these new and better ways of working are, what are the real benefits to the organisation, and what are the immediate benefits to the individuals. In our educational programmes, ranging from 2 hour executive briefings, to seminars and workshops (public and private), we demonstrate how we achieve this ourselves and discuss how you may best achieve this level of extraordinary knowledge driven results yourselves.

2. Experience for yourself

The second step is for you to experience, test and evaluate as individuals and/or pilot teams these new and better ways of working. We will coach and mentor you and we offer you on-line and/or off-line training and support.

People best change their work mindsets/habits by ‘doing and experiencing‘ the benefits themselves.

We provide you with methods, tools and techniques to implement and measure your improvements.

3. Consulting advice and assistance

The third step is to help you to devise yourselves, where needed, the best strategy and implementation plan for your pilot and/or the organisation. We act as your mentors and coaches, on-line and/or off-line, to transfer to you our ‘Knowledge Asset Management’ implementation methodologies. We act as your collaborative and co-creative partners.

4. Systems and Tools

The fourth step is to provide you with help in embedding the principles, processes, methods, tools that we teach, into your own daily work life. We can provide a cloud based platform to learn by doing, evaluate, prototype and pilot initiatives., or we can assist you with your own in-house implementation.

5. Training and Support

Step 5 is to provide you with ongoing training, coaching, mentoring and support, as needed.

Knowledge Associates International are dedicated to helping you achieve extraordinary and successful results through effective communications, collaboration, accelerated learning, knowledge management, knowledge asset management, and innovation management, as individuals, teams and entire organisations.

For more information contact Ron Young directly at info@knowledge-associates.com