ISO KM Standard ready for Public Consultation

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A meeting of the ISO 30401 KM Standard workgroup (WG6) was held this week and the draft document was finalised. This Draft International Standard (DIS) now advances to the next stages of finalisation.

A Draft for Public Consultation will be released online in the next weeks by the National Standards bodies for a 3 month consultation. Anybody can register (for free) and comment. If you have any difficulties in obtaining a copy, please contact me as below.

The next stages are to finally edit the document, to fully comply with ISO document requirements, language translations, public consultation, final voting across 180 countries and National Standards bodies, and final comment processing.

This has been my first direct experience of working on an ISO Standard that is structured to be ‘principles driven’. All future ISO Standards must be principles driven.

I have learned much from participating in teams, and many times through virtual meetings, that are and must be, by requirement and nature, based on high consensus. Those of you who work in effective virtual teams know how difficult this is to achieve.

I do hope that this global Standard for KM, when released, will make a big difference in helping organisations better understand and implement KM towards a world class standard, and I hope it will assist KM practitioners in the continual development of a high quality professional KM discipline.

Although there is more work to do to completely finalise the ISO Standard for publication, I take this opportunity to congratulate both the ISO KM Standard international workgroup, led by Moria Levy, and each of the National Standards Committees that are actively participating in these achievements to date.

ISO details of ISO 30401 KM Standard status here

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the comments below, or by email, if I can help you with any further information that you may require at this stage.

Ron Young

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Ron Young

Ron Young is the founder of Knowledge Associates International, a knowledge management consulting and solutions group based at St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge U.K. He is acknowledged as a leading international expert and thought leader in strategic knowledge asset management and innovation.

He specializes in knowledge driven results for organizations. He advised and assisted the UK DTI Innovation Unit in 1999 in the production of the UK Government White Paper ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy’.

He regularly provides keynote presentations and workshops at leading knowledge management & innovation conferences around the world. He has chaired for several years both the British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge Management Standards Committee and the European Knowledge Management Standards Committee. He is a visiting lecturer for international business administration and global knowledge economy programs. He runs regular Knowledge Asset Management master classes at King’s College Cambridge University, UK. He is a consultant for the World Bank, Washington, USA, and for the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Brussels.

He is currently developing knowledge management strategies and systems, and advising and assisting major multi-national corporations, international UN agencies, National governments, military, security, and professional institutions around the world. He was a lead consultant for the European Commission 2 Million euro ‘Know-Net’ project.

He is joint author of the books ‘Knowledge Asset Management’ (Springer 2003), ‘Upside Down Management’ (McGraw Hill Europe 1996), Knowledge Management: Facilitators Guide (Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo, 2009), Knowledge Management: Case Studies for SME’s (APO, Tokyo, 2009), Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques (APO, Tokyo, 2010), Knowledge Management for the Public Sector (APO, Tokyo 2013) and APO Demonstration Projects (APO Tokyo, 2014

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    KM and Asset Management,the relationship ISO KM 30401 with ISO 55000 and ISO 31000 in reliability and asset management at industry and process management.


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    My best wishes for you to reach the best results for knowledge management,
    could you please send me the draft of ISO 30401


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    Thanks for finally talking about >Knowledge Associates > ISO
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