Become an Associate

At Knowledge Associates Cambridge, we are looking to develop and accredit new consultants and educators, so that they may successfully practice, worldwide, either independently, within your own organisation, or as a part of our global Knowledge Associates network .

We have developed an on-line and/or off-line training program to develop your knowledge and innovation competencies, at your own pace, from student to world class levels.




Level 1 – as a student, you have successfully completed our 3 to 4 day program at Kings College, Cambridge, UK, or completed 30 hours of on-line training, or a mixture of the two. This provides you with an ‘intellectual understanding’.

Level 2 – you are practicing as a consultant, gaining more knowledge and practical experience, with coaching, mentoring and supervision, by one of our accredited Knowledge Associates.

Level 3 – you have gained, and can demonstrate, sufficient knowledge and practical experience to become an accredited and practising Knowledge Associate.

Level 4 – you have chosen to develop your knowledge and competence further, to the level of ‘teaching, coaching and mentoring’ other developing Knowledge Associates.

Level 5 – you have developed your knowledge and competencies to a recognised ‘world class’ standard.

The Knowledge Associates accreditation program may be viewed here.

If you would like further information, or have further questions, please contact Ron Young at