Our Vision



  • We see a world where, increasingly, billions of people are becoming more highly interconnected, and working more and more together as one, primarily through the web, and together with wireless mobile tools. (December 2016, 3.5 Billion internet users)
  • We see a world where people are able to more rapidly create profitable and innovative products and services, to improve the meaning and quality of all our lives, and to provide increased income and wealth for all, across the planet.
  • We see a world where people are able to better solve the major problems of humanity as they occur, through improved open communications, mass collaboration, more rapid learning, global co-creation, effective global knowledge sharing, knowledge management, and relentless innovation.
  • We see massive opportunities for new economic growth, new creative and knowledge intensive industries, new knowledge driven job creation, new income and new wealth opportunities for effective knowledge working.
  • We see new meaning and purpose for all. From ‘working to survive and earn a living – to working to serve each other, with passion’.
  • We teach new ways of knowledge working, new knowledge competencies, new knowledge platforms and knowledge processes, methods, techniques and tools.
  • We see the ‘new currency’, and the new  wealth creator for the 21st Century, to be – rapid, adaptive, and continuous ‘learning, knowledge creation, creativity and innovation’.


Knowledge Associates are a rapidly growing global group of educators, consultants and practitioners who wish to share and teach this new vision and paradigm of a rapidly growing and prosperous global knowledge driven society.

Our primary mission and purpose is to help as many individuals, teams and entire organisations as we possibly can, to achieve successful knowledge driven results.

We share our knowledge and ideas, passions and solutions, globally, to regions, nations, organisations, teams and individuals, large and small, public and private.


We do this by continually researching across the globe, identifying, developing, and sharing, the best principles, best knowledge, experiences and the best methodology, best practices, tools and techniques, to help achieve successful knowledge driven results.

Our strategy is a top down, bottom up , and a middle driven strategy. It requires a ‘global community and partnership’ strategy of knowledge associates, and it is a ‘web driven’ strategy.

Top down,

  • we speak, inspire and educate, at international conferences, masterclasses, workshops, seminars and briefings.
  • we inspire and educate through our website
  • we inspire and educate through video, books, ebooks and elearning.

This is how we teach and help organisations, teams and individuals become aware and understand the new knowledge driven vision and paradigm

Bottom up

  • We strive to achieve better knowledge driven results ourselves, as individuals, teams and as a global organisation, every single day, and, as a result, over the years, we have developed and use ‘KNOWLEDGER’ as our knowledge driven results platform, system and mobile tools, to help enable this.
  • Through successfully using KNOWLEDGER ourselves in our daily work, and through achieving knowledge driven results, we demonstrate to others by example, and teach them the power and the benefits of this new way of thinking and working for themselves. We continually strive to develop our knowledge driven competencies.

This is how we teach and provide organisations and individuals with knowledge driven platforms, systems and tools to achieve successful results.

Middle driven global community and partnerships

  • We have become a global community of knowledge associates, with presence in all the key regions of the world and key countries, who can educate, coach and mentor, support, and consult with individuals, teams and entire organizations.
  • Through our core global community of knowledge associates, we demonstrate knowledge leadership and provide our solutions, products and services, personally, in the most effective way, by inspiration and by example, and we also provide KNOWLEDGER online virtual web based education, e-consulting, and e-products and e-services to increase our reach, and to those individuals and organizations who cannot reach us physically.


  • We are happily building the Knowledge Associates International Group of Companies into the number one ‘knowledge driven results’ organization in the world, with Knowledge Associates Companies and Licensed Business Partners in every country.

Ron Young
Founder and CEO
Knowledge Associates International
April 2012