Knowledge Associates

Helping individuals, teams & organisations, achieve knowledge & innovation driven results.


Knowledge Associates help organisations to achieve their objectives faster. We teach how, in this increasingly global knowledge economy, this can be achieved through extraordinary knowledge driven results, gained by applying the management discipline of knowledge asset management (KAM), together with the systems, tools and techniques to increase effective knowledge working productivity.

This means that we teach new methods to identify, manage, apply and measure your key knowledge assets, to better achieve your organizational objectives, and we provide extraordinary new tools that increase the competencies, effectiveness, and productivity of knowledge working for individuals, teams and entire organizations. Our KAM education is academically accredited by Anglia Ruskin Cambridge University, UK, since January 2015, and endorsed by the European Commission since 2003.

We do this by ‘practising what we preach’, by demonstrating to others how we achieve our objectives through effective knowledge asset management and achieving knowledge driven results ourselves, together with our customers, clients, and co-creative partners.

We teach this through briefings, seminars and consulting services. You may view here our overvieweducation, consulting, systems and tools.

We are happy to share with you how we have increased our knowledge working productivity, as an international group of management consultants.

You may start to use and evaluate some of the simple, yet powerful, methods and tools we use in our daily work, collectively known as KNOWLEDGER, and begin to explore more effective knowledge working here.

We invite you to join our global knowledge driven network of people and organizations who are also passionate about achieving extraordinary knowledge driven results and organisational excellence, at all levels.

We strive to develop the competencies of those who wish to become accredited in knowledge asset management and become effective 21st century knowledge workers.

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